Our Staff

Our Vision

We are so much more than skin and bone and muscle. Every person is a melding of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements. We are designed to grow in each area, starting at a baseline of entering the door, going and growing from there.

As we pursue betterment, we need to be realistic:  life is busy.  It’s so easy to neglect our emotional, mental, and spiritual growth, until overcompensating for weakness becomes the new paradigm. We find ourselves lost in a jumble of struggle.  Realizing this, Kintsugi Company offers empathy, compassion, and support as our clients move through whatever holds them back in life. As they grow in the core of who they are, experiencing health in these areas fortifies them from the inside-out.  By taking a comprehensive approach to wellness, we incorporate mental and physical training in our multi-pronged approach to holistic health.

Together we rise.
You’ve found your tribe.

Stephanie Dunham is a firm believer in empowering others to be their best selves. Stephanie believes in a holistic approach in training and works to achieve balance in mental, physical, and spiritual approaches to martial arts training. She is looking forward to working with anyone interested in training, but especially women and kids. Stephanie believes that martial arts training is for anyone, regardless of limitations, who wishes to improve their lives.

Evelyn Mason enjoys connecting with people through written and spoken word, and face-to-face interaction, creating a fun and welcoming environment wherever she goes. She is exploring healing and empowering through women’s self-defense — overcoming past trauma and PTSD, and learning how to live strong. Entering her 17th year as a homeschooling mom, her passions are lifelong learning, teaching, and growth.

Richelle Knapp has a heart to help women, especially those who have been abused, raped, or attacked, overcome their trauma through compassion and understanding. She has spent many years overcoming her own PTSD from physical, emotional, and mental abuse. She is currently training with Sister Ninja for self-defense and aspires to take kick boxing, and very possibly Mixed Martial Arts someday, as part of her own ongoing journey of healing.