Scanning Can Save Your Life: Here’s How

So why do we even need to talk about it? Doesn’t everybody know better than to put themselves in a compromising situation? Honestly, I wish we didn’t even have to discuss these things. I wish we could go into every day as carefree as a toddler, blissfully unaware of the dangers in this world because – hooray! – our world is safe! But we do need to talk about these things because – surprise, surprise – our world isn’t safe. 

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Learning To Heed Emotions Is Self-Defense: Here’s How

We can’t afford to self-medicate negative emotions away with alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, food, video gaming, and social media. You name it – most of us know where our weaknesses lie. We realize we need to face those difficult emotions somehow or other, perhaps through therapy or other means. We must be honest and deal with whatever’s going on, including our feelings.

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Improvising, Weapons-Wise

There’s nerve (thinking outside the box – seeing ordinary objects as weapons), and there’s the will (following through on using improvised weapons to stop an attacker). But, of course, we also need the training to ensure we get the desired results.

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