Knocked Down And Crushed – Or Strong From the Inside Out?

Do you believe you’re the one person who will never have to defend yourself?

I sure hope not. Because I really do care about you. The whole reason we’re here, our heart’s cry at Tigress’ Roar – is to empower women to stand their ground. To teach you how to drop into a strong stance, to take the fight back, and stop the violence right then and there. 

For everyone’s sake.

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Good Posture Today Keeps the Bad Guy Away?

Here’s the kicker: a good posture will only get you so far.  You need actual skill to back up your signals. They need to tell the truth. Otherwise, you might be the one crumbled in a heap. You don’t want that. You want to walk away alive and in one piece.  Your loved ones want you back home safely. Yes, listen to your mom but do more than that. 

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Maimed in Body and Wrecked Forever? Why We Train…and Train

Given the stats, you’ve either had your butt handed to you or sooner or later you’ll face a situation where you’ll need trained-in skills to overcome a potential attacker. What will you do today to be safe? How are you going to train, what’s your plan? What if you joined us? What if you developed your own toolkit, skill by skill, and trained and trained, too?

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Finding Focus

Right. I’m standing on the mats. It’s time for Women’s Self-Defense and the teacher just said something but I don’t know what… I really need to focus. Seriously. I’m here but not really here.

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The Absurdity Of It all

If we can look past the absurdity of what we’re doing and understand its importance,we can begin retraining our minds in ways we may not have believed possible. Retraining our minds for something better and more productive is difficult, but not impossible. Eventually it no longer feels so absurd. It begins to feel the like the right thing. It begins to feel like second nature. Honestly, it seems more absurd to do nothing and make ourselves vulnerable to a potential attack. Training to defend and protect ourselves is far more valuable as it keeps us safe from potential harm.

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