provocative female millennial kicking on camera

Kicking It Like You Matter

The why of all this is simple. You deserve to be protected, and the best one to protect you is you. That includes learning when and how to deliver that kick. And to bring the fire fueling it from the sense of outrage and righteous indignation we help you learn in our classes.

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 Knocked Down And Crushed – Or Strong From the Inside Out?

Do you believe you’re the one person who will never have to defend yourself?

I sure hope not. Because I really do care about you. The whole reason we’re here, our heart’s cry at Tigress’ Roar – is to empower women to stand their ground. To teach you how to drop into a strong stance, to take the fight back, and stop the violence right then and there. 

For everyone’s sake.

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Maimed in Body and Wrecked Forever? Why We Train…and Train

Given the stats, you’ve either had your butt handed to you or sooner or later you’ll face a situation where you’ll need trained-in skills to overcome a potential attacker. What will you do today to be safe? How are you going to train, what’s your plan? What if you joined us? What if you developed your own toolkit, skill by skill, and trained and trained, too?

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