Forming a Fist: The Hidden Power of the Punch

We’re here to partner with you in your journey as you move from a beginner to trained and ready to face whatever comes with confidence and competence. And because we realize it takes more than a few classes to get the job done, we’re with you for the long haul, encouraging and spurring you on to higher and higher levels of strength and ability.

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Maimed in Body and Wrecked Forever? Why We Train…and Train

Given the stats, you’ve either had your butt handed to you or sooner or later you’ll face a situation where you’ll need trained-in skills to overcome a potential attacker. What will you do today to be safe? How are you going to train, what’s your plan? What if you joined us? What if you developed your own toolkit, skill by skill, and trained and trained, too?

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Just Get Up and Try

I’ve recently decided to considered myself built like a female sumo wrestler and to use that to my advantage in my martial arts training and teaching women’s self-defense. Why not? My training helps me to control my body weight and use it to my advantage. I can do things now that I couldn’t do a year ago. I’ve accomplished so much in a year’s time. I’m on my way to healing for terrifying traumas, ready to test for black belt, and getting stronger every week. My heart rate is great, my moods are generally better, my abilities are better and lifting 155 lbs. off the floor seems like a miracle –but it isn’t; it’s payoff.

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