Why Self-Defense Training?

Connect. Evolve. Protect.

We believe women of all ages and stages of life are worth protecting, and are here to partner with you on your journey to find and defend the strong woman you are meant to be. We welcome all females, starting with girls as young as 15 who want to train with their moms, to grandmas who want to be strong, and every woman in-between. No prior experience necessary – come as you are and together we’ll go from there.

 At Tigress’ Roar, we train how to evolve into a powerful female, capable of defending our lines of consent, able to secure our homes, bringing safety and security every place we go. We believe women shouldn’t be afraid to defend what’s rightfully ours. So we start by connecting in a safe place. We evolve over time, building our skills layer by layer. We grow and we go into the world with confidence. 

*Connect – We believe growth works best in community, so we learn together, encouraging every step of the way, challenging each other to go to the next level.

*Evolve – We believe the best warrior is one who is continually learning, so we build skill on skill using combatives training, and awareness skills, then progressing to ways to protect and defend ourselves and those around us.

*Consent – We believe women are in charge of their boundaries, so we determine what we will and won’t allow, and train our voice and body language to enforce those boundaries.

*Security – We realize the world can be a dangerous place so we learn how to detect changes in our daily environment as well as danger signs in new ones – and the best responses for each.

This is our vision; together, we rise!