Just Get Up and Try

Oh, is it obvious?

My trainer, Mike Manerchia, has me doing all kinds of things in the gym: body weight exercises, dumb bells, balancing, plyo, and now heavy weight lifting. He set me up recently to deadlift 155 lbs. I thought he was little crazy, but he believed in me and I did it.

One of my greatest weaknesses right is my own body perception. My weight is high, and losing weight is difficult given current circumstances. I sometimes look in the mirror berate myself for being “fat.” Mike doesn’t let me spend too much time worrying about that. He recently told me that what matters more than body weight is the fact that I show up and do the hard work. My body is definitely changing and muscles are there for all that effort.

I’ve recently decided to considered myself built like a female sumo wrestler and to use that to my advantage in my martial arts training and teaching women’s self-defense. Why not? My training helps me to control my body weight and use it to my advantage. I can do things now that I couldn’t do a year ago. I’ve accomplished so much in a year’s time. I’m on my way to healing for terrifying traumas, ready to test for black belt, and getting stronger every week. My heart rate is great, my moods are generally better, my abilities are better and lifting 155 lbs. off the floor seems like a miracle –but it isn’t; it’s payoff.

I just read this article: https://www.womenshealthmag.com/…/ultrarunner-mirna-valer…/…

And now, I feel validated. I don’t have to be like other people. I don’t have to “look” like an athlete to be one. I hope this encourages someone today who thinks they “can’t” do something because they aren’t fit enough, or slim enough, or mobile enough. You can do anything your heart desires right from where you are at this moment.

Just get up and try.

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